Project Overview

The primary goal of WiMAX project is to build a IEEE 802.16e compliant WiMAX base station based on Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI) architecture. We successfully designed and implemented a base station controller application on Intel Glenfield baseband card (now Radisys Promentum). We also worked on the development of remote radio unit supporting OBSAI RP3/RP3-01 protocol on Lattice ECP2M FPGA. I was particularly responsible for overall system design, Service Flow and Data-path module, SNMP protocol implementation and HDL programming for Lattice FPGA. Currently we are working on WiMAX and LTE combo baseband card.

I was involved in WiMAX project at Commlink Info Tech from December 2007 to July 2009. I studied and implemented various WiMAX modules both on software and hardware level. I, along with my colleagues devised a design for software based radio based on FPGA. We were dealing with Lattice ECP2M chips as our preferred FPGA. I also involved in WiMAX base station control program development and primarily leading the team on Service Flow Management and Data Path Module. I also made significant contribution on implementing the in-memory database for the base station.